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Miss Lori may have come to National attention as the first ever live TV host of the PBS Kids Preschool Block in 2006, but she started capturing attention long before at the age of 4 belting out Helen Reddy’s “I am Woman Hear Me Roar” in her Milwaukee home. By the age of nine she was performing throughout Wisconsin, and eventually the country. Miss Lori graduated cum laude from The Boston Conservatory and spent the next decade working with the likes of Barry Manilow, Harry Lennix, August Wilson, Liz Calloway, Dick Van Patten, Hal Prince, Bea Arthur, and Marilyn McCoo to name a few. During the same period Miss Lori was also giving birth to her 3 precious children, Skyler, Kaiann and Jaedyn. In 2004 she merged her two beloved worlds of motherhood and performance with the creation of her company The CAMPUS Inc, known popularly as Miss Lori’s CAMPUS. Ever since Miss Lori has focused her heartfelt work as an entertainer, teacher, and writer to improve the overall health and wellness of children and their families, uniting them through her artistic contributions.

Miss Lori’s work with PBS Kids made her a National family treasure, but even before her work with PBS Miss Lori was a family favorite because of the programs and media she offers with her company Miss Lori’s CAMPUS. She has her award wining debut CD “Music ‘n Movement Together,” her family favorite DVD “Activate & Be Great,” her sophomore CD “AWESOME 8!” and her live action musical “GROWING!” Miss Lori has also created 3 concert tours and her self-produced healthy interstitials for WTTW PBS Kids Chicago over the last 10 years. Currently Miss Lori is working with the talented visual artist, Dana Todd Pope, to illustrate her new book series “Little Miss Lori; Adventures in Five Year Old Living.”

In 2009 Miss Lori parlayed her celebrity television status into a successful social media presence. Her insightful thoughts about life, parenting and community are as real as her music. In short order Miss Lori became a sought after connector. She is a self-described “Marketainer,” leveraging her celebrity, and her acute understanding of the needs of families, to strengthen the bonds between consumers and brands through live and social media based events. Over the last 7 years Miss Lori’s unique style has garnered the appreciation of such brands as Nintendo, Lane Bryant, Quaker, Build a Bear Workshop, GM, Chrysler, Nissan, Disney, Sears, Land’s End, Kmart, Tropicana, Gatorade and 1800Baskets to name a few. She has been an official tweeter for Real Simple, blogged from the Oscars Red Carpet Bleachers for Kodak, championed Operation Purple for the National Military Family Association, and served as the face of the Reading Eggs National Learn To Read Challenge. Miss Lori has also been an Ambassador for The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s Healthy Smiles Healthy Children Campaign, the American Heart Associations Go Red For Women BetterU Program, and as a spokesperson and judge for the Cricket Wireless Community Voices Grant Program. Miss Lori has also been singled out for her Power Tweeting prowess at Diseny Social Media Moms, Blogher and Social Media Week to name a few.

Miss Lori is a contributor on Babble.com as a part of their Babble Voices group with her blog, “SMILING On with Miss Lori” and has been frequently quoted as an expert for articles on CNN.com/Living. With Miss Lori’s vast experience she is an accomplished consultant and coach. She provides excellent counsel and ideation for brands, organizations and individual contractors. Miss Lori is also a masterful speaker. She incorporates her training, her infectious charm and her intuitive nature to construct keynotes that are powerful and resonant.

Miss Lori’s work extends beyond marketing and performance, as she works tirelessly to improve the the lives of children and their families. Miss Lori’s philanthropic efforts have earned her a seat on the board of Bloganthropy, and her writing was singled out as one of the 2012 Blogher Voices of the Year for her post about Childhood Sexual Abuse. Miss Lori has been recognized for her community building contributions by Chicago Parent Magazine, Red Tricycle, Chicago Tribune and SheKnows.com, and with awards from her alma maters Hartford University School and Shorewood High School.

Children and families across the country have fallen in love with Miss Lori. Her ability to foster creativity and imagination in families, for companies and causes is a gift that will continue to be treasured for many years to come.

As Miss Lori always says,

“Let Your SMILE Shine On!”TM

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Miss Lori is based in Brookfield, IL with her daughters ages 14 and 16. Her son, age 19, is at school on a basketball scholarship at University of Vermont.

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