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Epic Miss Lori Birthday Party: $300

At a #MissLoriConcert YOU Matter

The Epic Miss Lori Birthday Party appearance price is Miss Lori, live and in person, singing and dancing with your party goers, (up to 15 kids), karaoke style. You will play games, tell stories and, most of all, share smiles. Miss Lori will pose for pictures, sign autographs and present a media gift package for the birthday girl or boy, ( 2 CDs, 1 DVD, a SMILE water bottle, an autographed jumbo postcard and a stick-on MLC tattoo; retail value $40). Also included are autographed postcards for all of your guests.


  • 1 hour celebration for birthday child and up to 15 child guests. Birthday child will receive a special MLC merchandise package and guests will receive autographed postcards.
  • Additional child guests over the allotted 15 may be added for the additional fee of $10 per child.
  • Birthday Parties may be held at a childs’ school for an increased fee of $400. (Limited to one classroom.)
  • Shared Birthday Celebration can be booked for 2 birthday children and up to 30 kid guests. Combined Fee of $500.
  • You can purchase Miss Lori’s CAMPUS CDs or DVDs at a special bulk birthday price to be used for party favors.
  • Travel by car outside of a 45 mile radius from zip code 60513 will require an additional mileage/gas charge.
  • Travel over 3.5 hours one way will necessitate an additional cost of a plane ticket and ground transportation.
  • Any performance with travel that cannot be completed in a single, 18 hour max, door to door day would also require an additional charge for modest hotel accommodations.
  • Scheduling Birthday Bookings up to 6 months in advance.

Email your EPIC Miss Lori Birthday Party request to today!


#MissLoriConcert: $ prices tailored to event and institution. All budgets welcome!

#MissLoriConcert Community Groove

Miss Lori’s Family Concerts strive to bring generations together, building a more actively unified future. The Concerts are chock full of her infectious and informative original songs. Miss Lori is known for creating songs filled with music to groove to and lyrics to grow on which help children internalize lessons while having loads of fun. Miss Lori’s Family Concerts are both energetic and stimulating for young audiences and their families. These interactive theatrical experiences generally run 45-60 minutes in length for the full concert, or 25 minutes in length for the mini-concert, but can be tailored to the specific needs of your event. The Concerts include upbeat tempos and lyrics that are a cinch to sing and dance to. Included in her sets are wildly popular songs from her award winning albums. No matter what the Concert agenda everyone in the family will be jumping counting, wiggling and giggling while learning to be active, be healthy and be a friend to the World.

A #MissLoriConcert is tailored to meet your specific event needs. In order to provide you with a quote we will need the following information.

1. How many people do you anticipate will be in attendance?
2. What are the ages of the children who will be in attendance?
3. Do you have a professional sound system complete with CD component and headset mic, or will you require us to provide such?
4. What type of facility do you possess, and what is the event space design and layout?
5.  Are you a non-profit facility?
6. What is the time frame of the event?
7. What is the nature of this event?
8. Is there a fee beyond regular membership or enrollment for the audience?
9. Will there be any other performers at the event?


The Concert travels with three self contained telescoping backdrop banners, headset mic, minimal props, merchandise and promotional handouts. The tour requires a sound system with a CD player and 1 mic jack, (but this can be provided for a fee). A table for merchandise sales and a play space of at least 10 x 6 are also required.

Contact Miss Lori’s Assistant at, (312) 528-0520


Music ‘n Movement TOGETHER Outreach Class: $125 single. Discounted bulk rates available.

#MissLoriConcert Meeting Kids Where They Are

Miss Lori’s Music ‘n Movement TOGETHER! Outreach Program is 30 minutes of non-stop music and movement connectivity! Miss Lori reinforces fun fundamentals such as numbers, patterns, and directions using her original music, scarves, and bubbles. She is as infectious as she is inspiring. After joining Miss Lori in her program your children are sure to wiggle and giggle all day long.


Miss Lori will bring her 30 minute outreach program to your preschool, daycare or playgroup on a weekday during the school year. The program is for a maximum of 40 participants and requires ample room for children to engage in movement play and a CD player for karaoke style singing. Miss Lori’s outreach program is for ages walkers through kindergarten.

Contact Miss Lori’s Assistant at, (312) 528-0520


Little Miss Lori Illustrator Workshop: $350 Single Class, Multiple classrooms can be scheduled at a bulk rate.

Miss Lori has created an imaginative multi-cultural story series called “Little Miss Lori, Adventures in Five Year Old Living”. The Little Miss Lori series explores the emotions of childhood. Through the central character, 5 year old Little Miss Lori, the series strives to normalize childhood feelings by examining them practically through Little Miss Lori’s adventures. Little Miss Lori’s relationships with her family and friends inherently add richness to these areas of learning in her life.

In addition to the everyday emotions we all experience the LML series focuses on the “should’s” and “shouldn’ts” in life- For example; how children are taught that they shouldn’t be jealous, that it’s somehow “inappropriate”.  Little Miss Lori’s wise mother teaches her it’s the “how” of expressing a feeling that is sometimes “not nice”, and then explores positive ways to express and manage those feelings. The series also demystifies the childhood “uglies” by allowing the reader to explore these issues through Little Miss Lori’s intimate relationships with her family and friends, with humor and compassion. The stories serve to remind the reader of the normality of childhood “uglies”, and that children should have “permission” to not “show well” on occasion.

Little Miss Lori’s adventurous spirit make her experiences real, relevant, and relatable.


Miss Lori will bring a Little Miss Lori story directly to your classroom. She will read the story in her very Miss Lori, physically interactive way. Then she will hand out storyboards from the book for the children to illustrate, allowing them to bring Little Miss Lori and her family to life in their own personal way. Two weeks after Miss Lori’s visit we will return the illustrated pages to the school, bound and autographed, as a keepsake. (Multiple copies of the original autographed creation can be purchased for an additional, per unit fee.)

This workshop is best suited for Preschool through 2nd grade.

Contact Miss Lori’s Assistant at, (312) 528-0520

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