Dear Racists, please keep outing yourselves on social media

Haters out themselves on social media via #MissLoriTV

When I saw the news about the ten incoming Harvard freshman who had their acceptance rescinded due to inappropriate social media memes my immediate instinct was to write a motherly blog post response. [Read more…]

Fighting For My Daughter’s Right To Be Young, Gifted and Black

Fighting For Her Right To Be Gifted via @MissLori

Parenting my daughter’s mind has been like a tennis match, but half the time I’ve felt like I was playing without a racket. [Read more…]

Inconvenient History Part 2; My Name Is Oney Judge

#BHM Escaped Slave #OneyJudge is Inconvenient History #MLTVrace

Last month Scholastic had to repeal “A Birthday Cake For George”. Including the complicated truth of the actual experience of enslaved people in that children’s picture book, it seems, was too much inconvenient history for the creators. Luckily the public didn’t buy it. But Scholastic isn’t alone. This has been a problem for our country for centuries, inconvenient history. [Read more…]

Inconvenient History Part 1: No Cake For George Washington

#BlackHistoryMonth Inconvenient History Pt 1: No Cake For George

Last month Scholastic released a new picture book on Amazon called,  “A Birthday Cake For George”. No, not George Stephanopoulos, our first President, George Washington. The book was just in time for Black History Month and Presidents Day. Perfect! Who doesn’t love a new book? Certainly not me. However, it quickly became apparent that this book wasn’t the gift is was supposed to be. [Read more…]

Coming Out Black, Something I Was All Along

Coming Out #Black #MLTVraceI watched one of my favorite characters on Television last week, Olivia Pope on Scandal, take a stand and symbolically announce to the world that she is a black woman. That may seem like a strange thing to say, but trust me it’s not. As people of color striving for our own personal greatness we are often put in a position of having to deny or simply not mention our ethnicity as it can impede our progress in many ways, distracting from the narrative we are trying to adopt. [Read more…]