Giuliana Rancic Needed To Learn How To Apologize

#Giuliana Had To Learn How To Apologize Like We All Do #MLTVtipsThe other day I had a huge parenting fail. I did something wrong, really stupid and thoughtless. I revealed something heavy to my son in a very casual, offhanded manner, which was extremely inconsiderate of his feelings. Like Giuliana Rancic said the other day, I didn’t mean to. Like Brian Williams said recently, I didn’t intend to. I would never set out to hurt my child’s feelings, but I did. So what did I do next? I apologized. [Read more...]

Dear Mike Huckabee, You Are the Pimp

Stop Trying To Pimp #Beyonce #MikeHuckabee #MLTVrace


Dear Mike Huckabee,

I had the occasion today to listen to Beyonce’s entire self titled album with my tween and teen daughters on a road trip. Ironically it was just last night that I told myself I needed to do so after having watched your recent interviews on The Daily Show and The View calling her a corrupting force and labeling her husband her Pimp. I wanted to reaquaint myself with the year plus old CD so I could understand what all your fuss was truly about. [Read more...]

Miss Lori says new things are worth the effort




Miss Lori

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Miss Lori says thank you to the top 12 social influencers of her 2012

2012 is almost over and once again I am reflecting on what happened and the people who helped make things happen for me professionally and personally. It goes without saying but bears repeating that my children are the legs that keep my seat off of the ground. They are the reasons I do everything that I do, and the people that make me better than I ever thought I could be. Then I can’t neglect to mention my parents. Together they provide the fourth leg of my stool, stabilizing me, keeping me from tipping over. But no Momma is an island, certainly not this one. I have benefited from the very personal help from some very professional people, to whom I want to publicly offer thanks. Last year I shared my top 11 Follow Fridays friends from 2011. This year I give you my top 12 Social Sunday peeps. [Read more...]

Miss Lori resolves to remain resolute in 2013

A year ago today I laid up in bed and started mapping out my intentions for 2012. I needed some focus and clarity of my energy, so I plotted a course of action for my year. I listed in detail 6 tasks that I felt were the top of my priority list to accomplish in order to spur forward progression in my personal and professional lives. Looking back and grading my outcome, I may have fell short of my literal goals, but overall I fell up, not down. [Read more...]