5 Social Media Hacks To Help The Overwhelmed Prepare to Social

5 Social Media Hacks #MLTVsocial

Prepare To Social #MLTVsocial

Perhaps you have been resisting social media because it overwhelms you. Maybe you figured that was okay because you thought social media was just a passing fancy, more of a toy that young people are playing with than a real business tool. Wake up and smell the apps! [Read more…]

Stop Condemning Social Media and Start Teaching It

#SocialMedia Should Be Taught Not Feared #MLTVsocial

I’m really tired of hearing people complain about the social feeds of young people when they are doing nothing to teach those same kids how to engage in social effectively. I especially get frustrated when the complainers are people who don’t have any real social acumen themselves. How can you judge something you don’t even know how to use? [Read more…]

Qualifying Life Events Re-Open The Door To ACA Health Insurance

 #TakeCareChat with @GetCoveredUS #MLTVFit

This is a Level 6 Post: Miss Lori was compensated for posting about the event mentioned in this post.

After being pushed out of my job I spent years without insurance. It was terrifying. It was also costly. It cost my quality of health. It cost my business for time lost to deal with health interruptions that took quadruple time to nurse. It cost and cost and cost. Luckily for me the ACA passed, [Read more…]

The Yik Yak App Is Another Tool For Cruelty And Mayhem

Miss Lori Wants You To Help #StopTheYak #MLTVsocial


Have you heard about the location based social networking app Yik Yak? If you are the parents of a teenager by today you will have probably received a letter from your school after shooting threats in February, bomb threats in March and the unprecedented citywide disabling of the app in Chicago just yesterday afternoon. However, all parents need to pay attention to the evolution of the Yik Yak app because unfortunately it won’t be the last of its’ kind. [Read more…]

Get Covered America Before The Deadline Passes

Get Covered America #TakeCareChat #MLTVFit

This is a Level 6 Post: Miss Lori was compensated for posting about the event mentioned in this post.

It’s March. Though it may not seem that Spring is in site what is definitely in view is the deadline “Get Covered” with health insurance. March 31st. I know, I know, other deadlines have come gone, been pushed back, ignored, so why should you pay attention to this one right? Wrong. This March 31st deadline to get covered will cost you money if you ignore it. Did that get your attention? I know it got mine. [Read more…]