Microsoft Wants to Chip In Towards Your Future in College

Big milestone moments are often celebrated with a gift registry; marriage, babies. But what about graduation? That’s a milestone isn’t it? And it often signals a chapter, much like marriage and babies, that needs new and very specific stuff. That’s why I think Microsoft Windows is doing something really special this Summer with their new program “Chip In”. [Read more...]

Miss Lori hosts a Nintendo WiiU house party in Chicago


“Once upon a time two young men from Los Angeles came to Chinatown to host a Nintendo party at Miss Lori’s house.”

That’s how the fairytale began on January 27, 2013 at my house. It’s true what they say, if you throw it they will come. And come my friends did, ready to eat, learn and of course, play. [Read more...]

Miss Lori is comparing wireless family service plans for her cell phones

I have been a cell phone free agent for months now. I keep procrastinating about making a switch not because I feel particularly loyal to my carrier, and not because I don’t need new phones, but because I have absolutely dreaded the frustrating research necessary to find the right plan to fit my family. But the wait has been worth it as many of the carriers have simplified their websites this holiday season. [Read more...]

Miss Lori wants U to experience Nintendo’s Wii U gaming system this Holiday season

Today is a day all about U! The Wii U that is. Yes, the much anticipated relesase of the Nintendo Wii U system has arrived and I know at least three people who are beside themselves with joy about it… my kids. [Read more...]

Mommy Miss Lori is going back to school a few computers short


How many computers does a family with three school age children and a Marketainer Mom need? Last year I had a 17 inch used imac, a 20 inch new Dell Inspirion One PC and my 13 inch very used Macbook. In order to complete homework my three kids had to take turns and darn near stand in line to use their preferred choice of computer, the touch screen Dell. Then over the holidays my very used Macbook died. [Read more...]