28 Scandal Quotes Season 3 Episode 10 Winter Finale PT 2

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I’m feeling very nostalgic. Actually I’m feeling sad and abandoned. No, not by my family. Not by my friends. Not even by the holidays. I’m feeling abandoned by my favorite show in the whole wide world, SCANDAL! [Read more…]

36 Scandal Quotes From Scandal Season 3 Episode 9


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 This week’s episode of Scandal was the first of the two part winter finale. When you hear the word FINALE  you expect something big, and as usual Shonda Rhimes did not disappoint. After this weeks’ antics I fear I may need an oxygen tank on stand by for part two next Thursday. [Read more…]

28 Scandal Quotes From Season 3 Episode 8

This week’s episode of Scandal was all about black females. No, not in the story, but the women making the story. This Scandal episode was the first in television history to have a black female director, a black female producer/creator, and a black female star; Ava DuVernay, Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington. Triple word score! Truthfully we all scored because this Scandal episode was a touchdown of creativity and suspense. Don’t just take my word for it. The proof is in the script.

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22 Scandal Quotes From Season 3 Episode 7



In this week’s episode of Scandal Olivia Pope was barely a footnote to the action, but that didn’t mean there was even a single dull moment in the 60 minute television ride. The title of episode 7 was “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie,” but the subtitle should have been “Innocence lost”. [Read more…]

25 Scandal Quotes From Season 3 Episode 6


Scandal Thursday came again and without any conflicts like goblins and monsters that were in play last week Halloween. Well, Rowan Pope was in this week’s episode again, up to his old tricks, so I guess there were monsters, or as one of Olivia’s Scandal quotes refers to him, “that thing that goes bump in the night”. [Read more…]