5 Things To Post That Are Not Brangelina

5 Things To Post That Are Not Brangelina via @MissLori

Yesterday there was some very disturbing breaking news. Did you hear? No, it wasn’t about stranded motorist Terence Crutcher [Read more…]

My Usana Reset With Kathy Kaehler a Lesson In Mind Over Stomach

Reseting My Health With @KathyKaehler #MLTVhealth

This week is the 1 year anniversary of my Divorce, but my friend celebrity fitness trainer Kathy Kaehler gave me an early anniversary gift a couple of weeks ago. She gave me the gift of a Reset from Usana. She didn’t just give me the gift of the week long health improvement system, she gave me the gift of her time and participation. [Read more…]

A Peapod grocery delivery helped Miss Lori in a time of crisis

I have known about Peapod for several years now. I even had the great fortune to tour their distribution center in 2010 because of my work as a marketainer. I was impressed not just with the efficiency of the system, but with the variety and high quality of their produce. Tony Stallone, their Vice President of Merchandising, taught me so much that day about how to care for my produce to get the most out of my grocery dollars. But as life goes, despite receiving gift cards and learning great things about the company, I didn’t use the service. I just didn’t cross that starter line and give it a try, for no other reason than I just didn’t feel like trying something new. That happens to a lot of us. To deal with the hustle and bustle of our lives we establish a routine. And even though something new looks potentially like a great addition we aren’t willing to slow down enough to take a risk on change. That is until life takes a serious left turn, throws us off course, and strands us in need. That’s exactly what happened to me this past holiday month. [Read more…]

Miss Lori says finding the perfect gift takes thought

There are a lot of people that I know who have not finished shopping for the holidays yet. It’s not that they don’t have people to buy for. It’s not that they haven’t had the time to shop. It’s not that they don’t have enough money to buy gifts. It’s that they have no idea what to get. [Read more…]

Miss Lori wants U to experience Nintendo’s Wii U gaming system this Holiday season

Today is a day all about U! The Wii U that is. Yes, the much anticipated relesase of the Nintendo Wii U system has arrived and I know at least three people who are beside themselves with joy about it… my kids. [Read more…]