Miss Lori finds her SOUL at the Chicago Auto Show Kia display


“Welcome the 2013 Chicago Auto Show!” That’s what I heard as I walked through the doors of McCormick Place. It was like entering a parallel universe where cars are furniture in a giant living room. But I wasn’t here to gawk I was here to learn, about Kia specifically. So I stepped into the circle of knowledge and began a journey of discovery.

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Miss Lori has a test drive plan on her path to purchase vehicle journey

I am on a path to purchase vehicle journey to curb my gasoline diet. After doing some in depth numbers research online I identified a list of cars that I was interested. Then I visited each car just to see which would literally fit me and my kids. Despite the persuasive efforts of salespeople that is all that I did. I didn’t turn the ignition on. I didn’t sit down to chat about deals. Nothing. I just determined which cars would be eligible for an actual test drive. [Read more…]

Miss Lori chooses a target vehicle on her path to purchase journey

Last week I updated my path to purchase journey to buy a car to help me with my gas diet. I was upset because the Kia and Hyundai MPG scandal derailed my progress. I went back to my list to try and find a replacement front runner. [Read more…]

Miss Lori’s path to vehicle purchase is set back by the Kia MPG scandal

Last night the majority of the country voted for Barack Obama to continue his work as President of the United States. This act was partly a positive referendum on his work to bailout the auto industry. One of the conditions of the bailout agreements was to initiate or increase American production of fuel efficient cars. This has resulted in thousands of jobs and some fantastic car options for many people. Many people yes, but not all, particularly families. [Read more…]

Miss Lori is researching fuel efficient cars on her path to purchase

I gotta tell you I feel swindled by the auto industry as a mother with a family. One of the conditions of the auto industry bailout was that more fuel efficient cars would be available on the market. But it seems like fuel efficiency is only being targeted for singles couples and families with only 1 or two small children. Those of us with larger families, who really need the financial break that fuel efficiency offers, have to dig deeper into our pockets for less return. Well, I am determined to buck the system, defy the odds, and find a car to fit my family and my budget. As some of you already know I am on a quest to find a fuel efficient car for my family. I have been driving used Chrylser Town and Country’s for the last 9 years. [Read more…]