8 Things sports parents can do to help kids cope with a loss


#SportsparentZ Help Kids Cope After Losing a Game via @MissLori

If your child plays sports then hopefully they are familiar with winning, but they also need to understand losing. Just ask the Cleveland Indians. [Read more…]

Our Sorry Behavior Got Us Here, Now What

sorry does not cut it via @MissLoriI was paging through my old blog posts today looking for… I don’t even know what exactly; direction deeper meaning? Like so many people, I am feeling dazed and confused by the place our society is in, (Read the election, shootings, divisive social posts, broken education, locker room talk). This quicksand of hate and ignorance and.. you know, honestly, I don’t think words exist to accurately describe it.

[Read more…]

Football Took My Birth Father Too Soon It Will Not Take My Son

It takes a family to raise an athlete #SportsparentZ

You probably know I am a Sportsparent to AAU Illinois Wolves and Whitney Young Magnet High School baller Skyler Nash (#SportsparentZ), but do you know about my sports heritage? My father Chuck Holton played for the Harlem Globetrotters, which makes my son’s basketball career very understandable right? However, I was adopted. My birth father, Greg “Grape Juice” Johnson, was a high ranking football player for the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was also drafted by the Miami Dolphins but only played semi pro with the Racine Raiders. I don’t know very much about him, not because I don’t want to but because he died too soon. He died of dementia in March of 2010. [Read more…]

I am a Sports Parent Therefore I Travel

My son Skyler is playing basketball for the #3 high school team in the country, (Whitney Young Blue Dolphins), alongside the #1 high school basketball recruit in the country, (Jahlil Okafor). That means that he has a lot of very serious work to do this season. And guess what, so do I. I am on his team. [Read more…]

A Sports Parent Road Trip: Unofficial But Valid

A #SportsParents #RoadTrip #Skyler2016 #GoBlue #MLTV


I’m packing up the car for another Sports Parent road trip.  This one is a repeat. I’m heading back to Ann Arbor, Michigan with my son. College visit? Well no, not exactly, or not officially, or…ok, let me back up. [Read more…]