5 Things To Do Before This Year Ends and Tax Filing Begins

5 Things To Do Before This Year Ends and Tax Filing Begins #MLTV

Hey, it’s December 30th are you ready for 2014? Mentally I am way past ready, but fiscally I have a few things to take care of still before this year ends. The end of the year isn’t just parties champagne and revelry it is the conclusion of the 4th fiscal quarter and a 365 day long tax year. [Read more…]

Chicago Elite Classic #ChangeChi Essay Contest For Students

 Enter #ChiEliteClassic #ChangeChi Essay Contest #MLTV

If you had the ability to make Chicago a safer place what would you do? No really, I want to know. We need ideas in Chicago because people are dying. Especially black and brown kids. KIDS! [Read more…]

Chicago Police Department Turns to Social Media to Fight Crime

It was another violent weekend in Chicago over the fourth of July; 72 shootings, 12 deaths. The only small number was the number of arrests, 1. Chicago police are turning to social media to change this. They want to make it easier for the community to share information quickly and in some cases anonymously. [Read more…]

Miss Lori Supports Moms Demand Action Fight in Illinois

What do you expect from our country as a parent; equality opportunity, safety? And when you don’t get any part of that do you have a right to demand it? Well, I believe that you not only have a right, you have a moral responsibility. So today, I want you to join me and moms and dads across the country and let your demands be heard. Demand that your children be given safe passage into their futures. [Read more…]

No Funds For CPS National History Day Student #EvaLewis


Here’s a story about the South Side of Chicago that you probably haven’t heard about mainly because it doesn’t contain any of the three G’s, “Guns” “Gangs” and the “Ghetto”. No, this is a story about a beautiful, young, African-American girl who has risen to a level of success that is noteworthy on a National level. Her name is Eva Lewis [Read more…]