Hey Lake County Indiana, Miss Lori is Coming To Town!

#MissLoriConcert Comes To Lake County Indiana Public Libraries

The Pied Piper of childhood Miss Lori herself is coming to Lake County, Indiana for a special concert tour! In collaboration with Lakeshore Public Media and Lake County Public Libraries, Miss Lori of Miss Lori’s CAMPUS will perform 4 free live concerts for the families of the Lake County community in February and March of 2016.  [Read more…]

Miss Lori’s South Walton #MLTVvacay Travel Giveaway

Paddling in Spring in #SouthWalton #MLTVvacay

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The calendar says that it’s Spring, but as I look out my window I am thinking Mother Nature didn’t get the memo. OR maybe she is on strike. OR maybe she is frozen somewhere in a snow bank and can’t get free. Wherever she is I miss her, desperately, as I know so many of you living in this prolonged Winter do as well. [Read more…]

A Sports Parent Road Trip: Unofficial But Valid

A #SportsParents #RoadTrip #Skyler2016 #GoBlue #MLTV


I’m packing up the car for another Sports Parent road trip.  This one is a repeat. I’m heading back to Ann Arbor, Michigan with my son. College visit? Well no, not exactly, or not officially, or…ok, let me back up. [Read more…]

Miss Lori Vacations at Blue Harbor Resort part 1

"Blue Harbor Resort" #MLTVvacay Wisconsin Sheboygan

I’m going to take my first real vacation in years. Sure I have been out of town more recently, but always, in some part at least, for work. I am thankful for being able to include my kids on my trips, but that is no replacement for real time off. No one can go on indefinitely. [Read more…]

Miss Lori got connected with the Verizon MiFi this Summer

I had a brief but spectacular relationship at the end of this Summer. No I’m not dating, I’m tweeting, I’m updating, I’m pinning, and I’m Instagramming from all corners of my city and more. Or at least I was until I had to say goodbye to my loaner Verizon MiFi.  [Read more…]