Miss Lori Gets Real With Moms at McDonald’s


Do you know what you get when a bunch of super intelligent, highly capable, incredibly social moms come together to talk parenting, nutrition, guilt and options?  You get a darn good time! I was very honored to serve as the hostess of the Moms nutrition panel at recent McDonald’s Workshop where we engaged in an open dialog about parenting with real moms of real kids. [Read more...]

Miss Lori Wants You To Get Medieval For Spring Break

My youngest daughter is turning double digits this week. When I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday she said unequivocally, “I want to go back to Medieval Times![Read more...]

Miss Lori Gets Happy and Healthy at a Walgreens Food Oasis

Often I find myself with very little time to get done what I need to get done. Therefore, anytime I can combine tasks I am thrilled. And anytime I can complete those tasks with the aid of what I like to refer to as a Parenting Partner, I am over the moon. I have been shopping at Walgreens for my cosmetics and prescriptions my whole life. But as I have increased in age what I turn to Walgreens for has increased as well; [Read more...]

Miss Lori finds her SOUL at the Chicago Auto Show Kia display


“Welcome the 2013 Chicago Auto Show!” That’s what I heard as I walked through the doors of McCormick Place. It was like entering a parallel universe where cars are furniture in a giant living room. But I wasn’t here to gawk I was here to learn, about Kia specifically. So I stepped into the circle of knowledge and began a journey of discovery.

[Read more...]

Miss Lori hosts a Nintendo WiiU house party in Chicago


“Once upon a time two young men from Los Angeles came to Chinatown to host a Nintendo party at Miss Lori’s house.”

That’s how the fairytale began on January 27, 2013 at my house. It’s true what they say, if you throw it they will come. And come my friends did, ready to eat, learn and of course, play. [Read more...]