Coaching; In-Person or Via Email, Skype, Phone or Google+ Hangout.

Social Media Training For The Recruitable Athlete:
Miss Lori founded the hashtag #SportsparentZ to address the unique complexities of the life of recruitable athletes like her own son. She has worked with him and many other young athletes and their families to help cultivate social media presence, skill and strategy. The goal being to use social to promote the athletes as a “brand”, raising their profile. A skilled social athlete will not only be attractive as a player but can be considered positive asset to potential college or university social communities. Miss Lori can be engaged for private or group instruction about social media construct, strategy, and branding.
Social Media For Kids:
Miss Lori considers social media to be like fire. it can heat and sustain you but it can also burn you if you don’t use it properly or respect its’ might. Thats why she prefers to start teaching children about social media before they are old enough legally to use it. Miss Lori’s extensive work performing for children makes her highly effective as a social media instructor. Her approach is theatrical and entertaining, but like her music there is a lot of nutrition in her presentation. Miss Lori believes personally that if children are taught early to think of themselves as a brand they will be more discerning about what they post via their social platforms as they age. She gets students on their feet acting out the conversation of social as well to help them remember the humans on the receiving end of their posts and the potential negative effects poorly crafted social can lead to. She also works with students on the art of post construction. After working with Miss Lori your student will be prepared to set the social world a fire with their intellect not set themselves on fire with their ineptitude.
Public Speaking Therapy:
Miss Lori will help you overcome your concerns about presenting in person or on camera, by identifying negative triggers that are standing in your way. She will offer diagnosis and strategy for overcoming such issues, helping you move forward with new found confidence in your communication and performance skills.
Speaker Prep:
Miss Lori will help you fine tune your presentation by offering suggestions to enhance the physical performance of your speech. Miss Lori will help you more successfully engage your audience in the subject matter you are talking about and in you as an influencer.
Video Critique:
Miss Lori will evaluate your performance on video and offer suggestions concerning appearance, message relation, branding, body language, timing, cadence and facial expressions. Breaking down past performances is a powerful tool for strengthening your presence in future appearances.
Interview Prep:
Whether you are being interviewed in person or on camera, you need to have a clarity of thought, intention and objective in order to maximize the potential of your interaction. Miss Lori will help you peel away the onion layers and get to the heart of who you are, what your brand is, and what your objectives are. Miss Lori will then help you practice your discourse so that your communications are effortless and impactful.
Vocal Coaching:
Miss Lori will help to enrich the vocal performance of you or your child with deeper emotional connections through phrasing and audience engagement. She will also help you gain a better mastery of your vocal instrument through breathing techniques and pitch alignment.
Miss Lori has been singing since she was 4. At 12 she was the youngest classical vocal training scholarship recipient at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. At 20 she received a BFA in Musical theatre from the Boston Conservatory. Miss Lori can be heard on songs from R Kelly, The American Girls franchise and her own award winning CD Music ‘Movement TOGETHER! Miss Lori has studied with masters Rosalyn Rahn Kerns (Broadway Actress), Debra Byrd (American Idol Vocal Coach), Mark Cassius (Member of The Nylons).
Audition Prep:
Miss Lori’s over 30 years of experience as a stage and television actress has armed her with numerous tools for enhancing audition performances in children and adults. She is a patient teacher with laser focus. Miss Lori can zoom in on the tiniest adjustment that can make a monumental difference in your audition for theatre, television and film projects.

Contact Miss Lori’s Assistant at, (312) 528-0520

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