Miss Lori is known Nationwide for her SMILE. Well, not just her SMILE, but the smiles she produces in all who watch her videos and attend her performances. Parents and children alike can’t help but be inspired by Miss Lori’s boundless energy and talent. Her particular brand of entertainment is infectious and engaging, making her audiences equal participants in the fun. But as Miss Lori says, her media is like “brownies with wheat germ,” a dessert that is good for you too. Miss Lori believes that if you ask for a child’s time you darn well better do something with it. That is why her music is about physicalizing imagination and increasing knowledge of oneself and the World. But make no mistake, Miss Lori isn’t just a Kids Entertainer she is a Family Entertainer. #TeamFamily! Miss Lori encourages parents to lead by example, providing a perfect example of involved parenting herself as a mother of three of kids who are accomplished performers themselves. Miss Lori loves to share her stage with CAMPUS Kids. She believes that children love to see kids just like themselves performing onstage, it makes them feel even more like welcomed participants in the adventure that is Miss Lori’s CAMPUS. If you are looking for an event that is sure to bring your community together in celebration of life and living powered by smiles, look no further than Miss Lori and Miss Lori’s CAMPUS.

If you are interested in booking Miss Lori for a concert or event please contact us at info@thecampusinc.com.

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