Miss Lori.TV PR Guidelines
These guidelines are valid from September 1, 2010 and may be changed at any time.
(Inspired by guidelines published by the very unselfish Amy at

Miss Lori is a MARKETAINER, (Marketer + Entertainer = Marketainer).

She leverages her celebrity, and her unique understanding of the needs and intent of the nuclear family, to strengthen the bonds between brands/causes and the family’s they seek to service. Miss Lori does this through live and social media based engagement.

When Miss Lori posts on behalf of brands and causes they are contracted, sponsored posts.

Miss Lori can be hired to produce original content to promote your brand, event, or cause on her websites. Posts are then promoted through Twitter, Stumbleupon and other aggregating sites. The current fee for a single sponsored posts $325.00. This price includes full promotion of the post as well as an ad widget on the MissLori.TV site for 7 calendar days. Packages, additional ad exposure, and non-profit discounts can be potentially negotiated at the sole discretion of the Miss Lori’s CAMPUS team.


If you would like Miss Lori to give away an item as a part of a sponsored post she can do so for an additional fee of $75.00. Please DO NOT send the giveaway item to Miss Lori – A Miss Lori’s CAMPUS representative will contact you with the winner’s information and you will be responsible for sending the item to the winner.


Miss Lori not do reviews of products or services. She will do “Shareviews” that she feels will help improve the overall health, wellness, and social being of children and their families, as a part of a contracted, sponsored post . Miss Lori does not send back “shareview” items unless the post is a demo that has been agreed upon ahead of time.

Sending Miss Lori a product never guarantees a share view without a contract. However, it is possible it could earn an update or a mention if Miss Lori decides of her own accord that the product is something her community should hear about. If Miss Lori does do a contracted shareview it will be Miss Lori’s honest experience, positive or not. Miss Lori has no interest in trashing or embarrassing products or companies, and will strive to take into account the product or service’s target audience and other factors before posting a negative experience. If there is something wrong or irregular about the product, Miss Lori will give the company a chance to make things right before posting her shareview.

If you would like Miss Lori to consider creating a contracted shareview of an item, or take a chance on a mention, please email her representative at for The address of Miss Lori’s CAMPUS.


Miss Lori is available for hire to consult with companies about their social media presence or particular campaigns. She is also available to participate on blogger panels, and to speak at meetings or conferences, sharing her unique perspective and wealth of knowledge about personal branding, marketing to families, health and wellness for children, diversity, and the impact of technology on kids and their families, among other topics. Miss Lori is also available to create multi-destinational campaigns that integrate social media and live performance interaction with consumers. Please direct all inquiries to Miss Lori’s assistant at


Miss Lori is available to be contracted to serve as an Ambassador, Enthusiast, Partner, Campaign/Product Spokesperson or Party Host, both online and in real life. Miss Lori is a Nationally recognized and celebrated family entertainer, TV host, recording artist, blogger and all around social media maven. In addition to her work on television and her live community events, she has cultivated a social media presence that is enthusiastic and insightful. Unlike other bloggers who only posses a successful social media presence on the computer screen, Miss Lori is a sought after personality in real life as well, which is an invaluable tool for networking in a conference setting, amongst other environments. Her trademark SMILE is recognized everywhere she travels, and draws people to her for personal engagement. The mention of Miss Lori’s involvement in a gathering naturally and effortlessly attracts the attention of potential participants, providing an organic base for companies to capitalize on in the pursuit of a social media event. If you engage Miss Lori as a representative she will leverage her magnetic celebrity to forward the interests of your company. In addition, Miss Lori is highly skilled at interacting with the media. She is a master at weaving a company’s bullet points in an interview, always bringing conversations back to the original promotional intent seamlessly. You can count on her to forward the interests of your brand or campaign with intelligence, integrity, and charisma. Please direct all inquiries to Miss Lori’s assistant at


Miss Lori may host video on her own website, youtube, or national television to coincide with contracted work in such capacities as listed above. However, Miss Lori is a member of all three performance unions, (SAG, AFTRA, AEA), and adheres respectfully to their guidelines on applicable projects. Please direct all inquiries to Miss Lori’s assistant at


These are guidelines only. If you have a special proposal please contact Miss Lori’s assistant at

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Miss Lori is based in Chicago, IL

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