Miss Lori is counting the minutes and so much more to her 41st birthday

For the two weeks before my 41st birthday I am counting down my blessings of age 40 and counting up my wishes for my year of 41. I have ten more days to go. It’s going so fast. [Read more…]

Miss Lori has an eleventh set of thanks and wishes for her birthday she hopes will keep driving forward

I am counting down my blessings for the last fourteen days of being 40 and counting up my wishes for my year as 41. This coupling is about being true to who you are as a professional, not standing in the way of your own creativity, and being very clear about not just what you want in life, but what you need. [Read more…]

Miss Lori is at 12 days and counting of her birthday blessings and wishes

There are twelve more days until my 41st birthday. For the last 14 days of my year of forty I am counting down my blessings and counting up my wishes. I’ve already posted number 14 and number 13.  Here is Number 12.

My whole life one of my greatest personal difficulties has been letting go. (As in I couldn’t, or didn’t, or wouldn’t, or …well, you get the idea.) Things that would happen to me, from slights to full on assaults would haunt me day in and day out. (More the latter.) I didn’t let those ghostly indiscretions keep me from moving forward in my life,  at least not obviously. I am a trained actress you know. But they did slow me down. I especially see that now, as I look back down my path from childhood to here. I now realize that the remnants of events past were blinding me to better choices for me in my future, and I didn’t even realize it. [Read more…]

Miss Lori gives thanks to age 40 and shares her 13th wish for age 41

My 41st birthday is just 13 days away. As I wrote in yesterday’s post, I am taking these final 14 days of being 40 to reflect upon what I am thankful for in particular from this last year and what I wish for in the coming year. A simultaneous countdown and count up if you will. Here is number thirteen on my list: [Read more…]

Miss Lori is counting her 14 blessings of age 40 before her 41st birthday

For the year leading up to my 40th birthday I did a count down. Well, not actually a countdown more of a count up. I wasn’t intending to do anything big. And I wasn’t really doing it for anyone but myself. I was doing it because shortly after my 39th birthday I felt as though my life was blurring, or more specifically my days were blurring, blurring together. A run on sentence of days minutes and hours. So to combat that I started acknowledging each day on my facebook page. Day 1 of the year of 39. Day 12 of the year of 39. Day 145 of the year of 39. That’s all, nothing extravagant. Just a few words and number to separate each day from another. It didn’t stop all of my weeks from bleeding into the other, but it did help to change the way I looked at my life…at least I would like to think that it did. [Read more…]