Miss Lori chooses a target vehicle on her path to purchase journey

Last week I updated my path to purchase journey to buy a car to help me with my gas diet. I was upset because the Kia and Hyundai MPG scandal derailed my progress. I went back to my list to try and find a replacement front runner. [Read more…]

To Miss Lori the 2013 Dodge Dart is a vehicle to recovery

I was in the doctors office a week ago and there was the usual assortment of months old magazines for my entertainment. I picked up a December 2011 TIME magazine and came across a curious story about Chrysler’s revival. Like most Americans I was aware of the auto industry bailouts that occurred a couple of years ago. But also like most Americans I hadn’t really taken the time to learn the details. Having spent a lot of time this last year profiling cars for GM and Chrysler, I have improved my knowledge on the subject of cars inside and out. [Read more…]

Miss Lori finds the Dodge Journey to be a real treasure

Do you like treasure hunts? Do you like new cars? Well then you will love the Dodge Journey search happening all across America this month. Dodge is dropping off three Journey’s in three very special places in three regions of the US. The Journey they left on the West Coast has already been found, and people are hot on the trail of the Journey here in the Midwest. I don’t blame anyone for working hard to find the Dodge Journey in the #Journey Search. I got to drive one earlier this Summer and I can tell you it is definitely a treasure worth searching for. [Read more…]

Miss Lori is lucky to have had the Chrysler Town and Country to rely on in a pinch

Here’s a question, how much do you rely on your car? No, I don’t mean how much do you use it, I mean how much do you rely on it. You see I don’t just use my cars to get around, I rely on them to help me get my work, play and family life taken care of in an economical fashion. [Read more…]

Miss Lori says she doesn’t want to be a used car Mama anymore

Goodbyes can be hard, even for Miss Lori. [Read more…]