Miss Lori shares her experience driving the Chevy Equinox

This week I have been driving the Chevy Equinox. A small SUV that is deceptively roomy, especially in the trunk area. That was very helpful because when I run errands, I RUN errands and bring home a lot of stuff. Thank goodness the rear door hatch on the Equinox is automatic. So, when I come up to the car with my hands full of bags, all I need is one free finger to activate the hatch. [Read more…]

NHTSA postpones backup camera proposal to Congress

I am behind the wheel of another car this week, the Chevy Equinox. It comes with a navigation system complete with a rear view backup camera.

The very same type of camera that The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, (NHTSA), had proposed to require be installed in all new cars by 2014. But after a flood of over 200 public comments expressing concern they have postponed their charge to Congress. [Read more…]

Miss Lori compares MPG of 3 Chevy cars with oil prices rising

If you have a car then you know that gas prices have been going up and up lately. If you live in Chicago like me, then you have felt every penny of that increase like a stab in the heart. This meteoric rise at the pump couldn’t be at a worse time for families #livingwnoncents. When you are stretched so thin that you fear every day that you are going to spring a leak, every cent can mean the difference between treading water and drowning. So how do you stay afloat? Well, for one thing having a car that isn’t addicted to gasoline would help tremendously. [Read more…]

Miss Lori gets high city gas mileage and a low carbon footrpint in the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid

Going into this week I knew what a Chevy was. I knew what a Tahoe was. But I wasn’t exactly sure what a Hybrid was. And I most definitely was not sure how a hybrid would work. So, I pulled out the manual and educated myself. With just a few pages of reading I realized that my Chevy Tahoe Hybrid was equipped to show me what I needed to know, in real time. [Read more…]

Miss Lori casts away her stress at Castaway Bay resort and waterpark in Ohio

In this economy getting away with your family is a very difficult task, either in time, or money, or both. I know the feeling on both fronts, as such finding get-away’s that meet the needs and budget of an entire family, youngest to oldest, is very important to me. I find as long as you have water, you have smiles, even if you are traveling with teen-agers. That’s why when I was invited to visit Castaway Bay in Sandusky, Ohio I was more than happy to do so. [Read more…]