Back To School Immunizations Made Easy at Walgreens

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Go Back Happy and Healthy #cbias #Shop #MLTVkids

What is easy to do, a requirement for school, a way to give back, and a teachable moment all rolled into one? Why back to school immunizations at Walgreens of course!  [Read more…]

Miss Lori brings family time out of the Ice Age thanks to Stouffer’s

What is the one thing that practically everyone wishes for these days? More Time. I hear it everywhere I go, and no more so than from parents. Watching our children grow up as fast as they do, time feels like sand slipping through the spaces between our fingers. And no matter how hard you squeeze it still seeps out. I get it. [Read more…]

Miss Lori has 7 suggestions for creating an engaging Google+ PhotoEssay

Are you using Google+? I don’t mean are you just on it, I mean are you actually using it? I must admit I wasn’t really either, despite my friend Chris Brogan’s constant urging. I wasn’t until I started working with Collective Bias throughout their Social Fabric Network. [Read more…]

Miss Lori is traveling in style with the #SoFabColor bloggers of week 6

One of the benefits of being a professional social media influencer is the travel. Working in social media these past couple of years I have had the opportunity to travel to many amazing places, but my favorite so far has been Disney. At the Disney Social Media Moms Conference the week 4 #SoFabColor bloggers and I all got to try our hand at travel blogging, but there are a number of women of color out there who do it regularly, and with flair. They are my #SoFabColor Bloggers for week 6: [Read more…]

Miss Lori’s #SoFabColor Bloggers in Chicago week 5

What I really love about social media is that it is social online and offline. I have made more friends, really good friends, through my networking in social media than I have through any other outlet in my entire life. I am always expanding my personal network in this way. However, when I look to expand my professional sphere a great place to turn to is a blogging network, like Collective Bias Social Fabric and others. Just listen to what my SoFabColor Disney bloggers had to say about Networks while we were in Orlando:



Though I love to connect with bloggers and influencers at events like #DisneySMmoms it is great to have so a rich community of women to gather with here in my own city of Chicago. That’s why for week 5 of my SoFabColor series I am highlighting bloggers of color from my own back yard in Chicago. [Read more…]