Miss Lori and the #SoFabColor bloggers of week 4 offer blogging advice

I am so excited to bring you more from my week four group of #SoFabColor Bloggers. I had the great fortune of spending time with them and their families at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. So many insights they have to offer about life, family and of course social media. I have captured a few nuggets in this compilation video just for you. [Read more…]

Miss Lori finds week 4 #SoFabColor bloggers at #DisneySMMoms conference

I’m back! From Florida, and to week four of my #SoFabColor Influencer list. I had the pleasure of attending the 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Conference in Orlando. I was one of about 15 African-American Social Media Influencers, equaling about 10% of the total number of attendees. (An increase from past years.) I took advantage of having such phenomenal women readily available to me and caught their brilliance on video just for you. I will share their insights through posts and video the rest of this week, but first let me introduce them to you. [Read more…]

Miss Lori and Ramon DeLeon are leading by example with thank yous

It’s about elevating community and saying thank you. When we are little we learn “Please and Thank You”.Our parents drill it into us. Television shows reinforce the lessons, so do our teachers at school. Laying a foundation of manners is vital in child development in order for them to grow into good people, right? Well, that very same foundation should also be a part of our business platform. [Read more…]

Miss Lori week 3 of #sofabcolor bloggers


What I have loved about social media from the very beginning is the sense of comaraderie. I have never felt so welcome in a space as I have in the social media sphere. It’s been a blessing. That is why creating the #sofabcolor thread was so important to me. I wanted a chance to give back some of the love that has been bestowed on me. I am so appreciative of the response. I take it from the comments that you want me to keep going, so I am back for round 3. I have 8 more bloggers to introduce you too, (and yes they are all fellow Collective Bias Social Fabric influencers). They are unique, dynamic, and of course fabulously colorful.

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Miss Lori names more #SoFabColor bloggers part 2

Using the impetus of my upcoming trip to the 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Conference, last week I introduced a new hashtag, #SoFabColor. I wrote that my intention was to “leverage my own notoriety to extend some limelight to other influencers of color.” I also stated that,” My goal is to increase the diversity of this great webishpere that we all maneuver in.” To do all of that I shared info about 8 fabulously colorful bloggers. [Read more…]