Miss Lori says Fridays are made for dancing

It’s Friday and I want you to….


Miss Lori is lucky to have had the Chrysler Town and Country to rely on in a pinch

Here’s a question, how much do you rely on your car? No, I don’t mean how much do you use it, I mean how much do you rely on it. You see I don’t just use my cars to get around, I rely on them to help me get my work, play and family life taken care of in an economical fashion. [Read more…]

Miss Lori may have The Voice, but she doesn’t have the time

Where I won’t be Friday:

Standing in line at NBC Studios to audition for The Voice [Read more…]

Miss Lori wants you to Enjoy Life Allergy Free this Summer

The more we learn about digestion, our bodies, food, additives and more, the more we are realizing that much of our general fatigue, malisse, skin rashes and yes, even weight gain can be attributed to food allergies. Therefore, in your effort to craft a better health and nutrition plan you may first want to determine if you have a food allergy. [Read more…]

Miss Lori gives thanks to age 40 and shares her 13th wish for age 41

My 41st birthday is just 13 days away. As I wrote in yesterday’s post, I am taking these final 14 days of being 40 to reflect upon what I am thankful for in particular from this last year and what I wish for in the coming year. A simultaneous countdown and count up if you will. Here is number thirteen on my list: [Read more…]