Miss Lori and the #SoFabColor bloggers of week 4 offer blogging advice

I am so excited to bring you more from my week four group of #SoFabColor Bloggers. I had the great fortune of spending time with them and their families at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. So many insights they have to offer about life, family and of course social media. I have captured a few nuggets in this compilation video just for you. [Read more…]

Miss Lori will let her Skele-Toes do the walking at Disney

My children and I are headed to Disney World in Orlando, Florida for the Disey Social Media Moms Conference and to tour an orange grove for Tropicana Pure Premium 100% OJ in 17 days. That may seem like ample prep time for you, but in my World it’s crunch time. We haven’t received a definitive itinerary, so I can’t plan specific outfits just yet. But no matter what the itinerary says one thing will be a must, a great pair of walking shoes for casing the parks and the grove. [Read more…]

Miss Lori earned her invite to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference

Three weeks from today my kids and I are going to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida! How? Well, once again social media is serving as an awesome parenting partner for me. In February I received the golden ticket of the social media sphere giving me the opportunity to include my kids in the work that I do, an invitation to attend the glorious Disney Social Media Moms Conference.

[Read more…]

Miss Lori is the task on So You Wanna Be A Designer this week

Television and the internet are dominated by reality programming these days. Although, I must admit I don’t watch reality tv on any regular basis. However, this week I am learning about reality shows from the inside out, thanks to my friends at Kenmore. [Read more…]

Miss Lori believes that school arts programs inspire dreams

Education is at it’s worst in this country. Schools are closing. The remaining one’s are overcrowded, yet staff is being cut right and left. All of the emphasis is on teaching tests and so classes and afterschool programs of sports recreation, language, art, music, dance and especially theatre are disappearing, and so is the imagination of our young people. Dreams are inspired by small seeds of reality that then blossom with possibility. If we don’t show kids what’s possible how will they ever realize their potential? [Read more…]