Fighting For My Daughter’s Right To Be Young, Gifted and Black

Fighting For Her Right To Be Gifted via @MissLori

Parenting my daughter’s mind has been like a tennis match, but half the time I’ve felt like I was playing without a racket. [Read more…]

9 Parent Teacher Conference Must Haves To Advocate For Your Child

Parents Prepare To Advocate For Your Child #MissLoriConcert

This week I’m heading to my childs’ school for report card pick up and that education staple, the parent teacher conference. I’m ready for this dance because I have been talking to the teachers, advocating for my child and nipping problems in the bud, all quarter long. If you suspect there is a problem in your childs’ class and you are waiting until the parent teacher conference to address it with the teacher then you are late to the party. [Read more…]

Dead Children Walking


This is a MissLori.TV look-back. This post was originally published by Miss Lori on CHICAGOMOMSBLOG October 2009.

I am a big supporter of getting kids activated. Experts across the boards are recommending that kids walk to school more often to increase their level of activity and improve their overall health. For some kids though, walking to school is not a luxury of exercise, it’s a necessity for transportation. More notably, for these children forced by circumstance to walk the streets of Chicago to get to school, the walk is not making them healthier, in fact, it’s killing them. [Read more…]

If Miss Lori does not fear math neither will her kids

When you hear MATH what words come to mind? Hard? Scary? Impossible? Now stop and think about it, do you use those words in front of your kids? Look, I’m not here to make you feel bad. This is not one of those Mom guilt posts, this is actually about a parenting revelation I had when I was at Blogher this past weekend.

I had the pleasure of attending a breakfast hosted by Texas Instruments’ Calculators. Now, I will tell you what I know about scientific calculators…they are on the back to school supply list for my eldest children. Period. Yup that’s all I’ve got. Well, that’s all I had. [Read more…]

Miss Lori uses her Twitter power to tell stories for events and brands

What’s in a tweet? Ideas. Information. Action. But when you add a hashtag to a tweet it becomes a part of a larger conversation series. And that series, when you look at it in a stream, can tell a very interesting, sometimes powerful story. [Read more…]