Miss Lori is drinking up the last bit of Summer and her Tropicana OJ

Monday my eldest child starts high school. It will be the first time that I have ever had a child go back to school before Labor Day. Heck, it’s the first time I will have a child go back to school in August. I’M NOT READY! I have no problem with my son going to high school, I’m totally ready for that. I’m just not ready for him, or any of my children, to go back to any school RIGHT NOW. Summer is not over! NO! I refuse to sing the finale of this production yet. I intend to drink every last drop of this season that there is to have, just like I do with a bottle of Tropicana OJ, or as I like to call it, “Summer in a bottle”! [Read more…]

Miss Lori week 7 #SoFabColor parenting bloggers

“It takes a village,” Hillary Clinton famously said about raising children. I couldn’t agree with her more. But in today’s World our villages barely exist, because we have built homes and apartments willy nilly, instead of around a central edifice such as a school, a church or a community center of sorts. It’s hard to utilize the nurturing of the village if you don’t actually live in one. Well, not anymore. With the advent of social media and the great wide inter web, we are creating communities one hashtag at a time. [Read more…]

Miss Lori believes that Tropicana Pure Premium is making her a better parent

I love my Marketainment work the most when I have the opportunity to work with clients that are great parenting partners for my community, and for me. Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice is just such a client. As a Tropimomma I have learned so much about the company and the fantastic product it produces through interviews, first looks and company insight. But last month I had the penultimate opportunity to go deep. [Read more…]

Miss Lori earned her invite to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference

Three weeks from today my kids and I are going to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida! How? Well, once again social media is serving as an awesome parenting partner for me. In February I received the golden ticket of the social media sphere giving me the opportunity to include my kids in the work that I do, an invitation to attend the glorious Disney Social Media Moms Conference.

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Miss Lori gets a bounce for her #SearsKmartHoliday photo tweet at #LATISM11

Last week I conducted a media training workshop for social media influencers at BlogWorld Expo Los Angeles. It was an interactive experience. (As most things that I do are.) I brought along mirrors for the attendees to look at themselves in. I told them we needed to get uncomfortable to get comfortable. [Read more…]