Miss Lori has a Jabra_US Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone giveaway to start 2012 handsfree

On this the first Twitter #FollowFriday of 2012 I have a #FF, a Shareview and a giveaway all in one just for you in the first #MLTVFFGive! But for me it is also the beginning of the fulfillment of one of my 2012 blogging wishlist objectives: [Read more…]

Miss Lori’s guide to saving Christmas one giveaway entry at a time

Our economy has been circling the drain for a couple of years now taking its’ toll on the wallet, future, and psyche of parents all across the country. As we approach another holiday season, a time when cheer is being sold on every street corner, we have to realize that not everyone has the price of admission to experience holiday joy. What does a parent do when they don’t have the means to make their children’s holiday dreams come true? How do you explain to your wide eyed child that Santa doesn’t have the same toys for every kid? That our station in life does effect what Santa brings down the chimney. How do you inspire their dreams when you don’t have the finances to back them up. [Read more…]

MIss Lori wants to send your family to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair

Do you like to smile? Do you like to laugh? Do you like to play games? Do you like to spend time with your family doing all of the above? Well then I have got the perfect event for you, right here in the perfect city. The Chicago Toy and Game Fair! [Read more…]

Miss Lori and Gatorade want to help young athletes BECOME their best

As you may already know, this Summer I have been named one of the new Gatorade SportsMoms. But I was a Sports Mom long before Gatorade came a calling. With three athletically inclined children how could I not be? It was in the cards from the beginning truthfully. Given the fact that my birth father was a well known college football player and track star, who was even highlighted in Sports Illustrated.

And my father, (adoptive), was the first African American to graduate from St Norbert’s College, who went on to become a Harlem Globetrotter.

Whether by nurture or nature, my kids were inheriting a motherload of ability from this Mom! Even though I chose the path of the theatre and not the ball field, I still believe in team work and athleticism. I have tried to be an example of both to all three of my children, but particularly the girls. It is important to me to foster in them their own “girl power”.


I always encourage them to push farther and reach higher, so that they may BECOME whatever they desire to be.

Gatorade shares my mission, not just for my kids but for all kids. That’s why they have created a Sports Moms pledge and are putting their money where their heart is. Both Gatorade and I are calling upon you to pledge your support to young athletes in the Gatorade quest to BECOME. Gatorade will donate $1 up to $10,000 to the Women’s Sports Foundation for every pledge received at www.Gatorade.com/moms. Simply read the pledge, click to commit and Gatorade will donate $1 in support of girls’ and women’s sports. The donation will help ensure there are opportunities FOR ALL CHILDREN who want to get physically active, get involved in competitive athletics and GET IN THE GAME!

As incentive for taking the pledge, Gatorade has provided me with an autographed soccer ball from Olympic soccer star, and fellow Sports Mom, Brandi Chastain, for me to give away in this post.

A win, win! Pledge your support to young athletes in the Gatorade quest to BECOME. Gatorade will donate $1 up to $10,000 to the Women’s Sports Foundation for every pledge received, and you could win a Brandi Chastain soccer ball! I will choose a winner randomly on Friday from the comments added to this blog post. Perfect end to a productive and inspiring week don’t you think?

So let’s all BE the best that we can BE, and help our young people BECOME the people of their dreams.



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Miss Lori wants you to win a 6 month supply of Tropicana Pure Premium OJ

Hello, my name is Miss Lori and I am a TropiMomma! I like the sound of that. It sounds like health. It sounds like wellness. In short it sounds good. Coincidentally my first official duty as a #TropiMomma is all about “good”, putting the “good” back in “morning” that is. [Read more…]