Join Miss Lori at Go Red Girls Night Out 2013

Last year I had the great fortune to attend a spectacular event. It wasn’t memorable for the food, though that was delicious. It wasn’t mind blowing for the decor, though that was breath taking. It wasn’t even memeorable for the brand integration, though that was immeasurable. No, the Go Red Girls Night Out event was memorable for the heartfelt camaraderie of the women in charge and in attendance. [Read more…]

Miss Lori has a list of 75 twitter thank you’s on the last FollowFriday of 2010

2010 has been quite a year for me, with serious highs and lows. But through it all I have had some fantastic, inspiring, hard working company. On this very special, final Follow Friday of 2010 I want to acknowledge some people who I think you should take notice of. [Read more…]

Miss Lori Go Red BetterU Week 12; Exercise your heart with joy

This Summer I have been serving as the Ambassador for the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women BetterU Program. A twelve week online course to help me be better by becoming better acquainted with my own body, and how to get it to properly function. I essentially started the program just after I turned 40 in May, and now, 12 weeks later, I have reached the end. It’s really hard to believe. What a journey! Week 12 is all about reflection and review. I need to go back over the key lessons of the program and remind myself of why they are so important in my continued journey to be better. [Read more…]

Miss Lori’s Go Red BetterU Week 11; quit smoking so we won’t die

I just got back from Blogher, the premier blogging conference that was held in New York City. I had such a lovely time talking to women and men about the American Heart Association BetterU program at the Go Red For Women booth on the expo floor. As the Summer Ambassador for the program, my pitch was simple: Get better so you don’t die. That’s what it breaks down to for me. And week 11 is a big piece of that surviving puzzle for me, because week 11 is all about cigarette smoke. (Or evil in a cloud as I refer to it.) I have never smoked and I never will, because if I were to do so I most assuredly would stop breathing. No, I’m not just being dramatic. I have always had trouble with cigarette smoke. Being around it makes my lungs tight. Too much exposure makes me profoundly ill. [Read more…]

Miss Lori wants you to be B.I.G. with brand representatives

I just returned from Blogher and boy are my arms tired! (Hee! Hee! that was for Liz Strauss! 😉 SMILE!) Actually they are from all of the stretches I was doing at the Go Red For Women Better U Program booth. But that’s another post for later. What I want to talk about here is why I am ENERGIZED. I’m energized because on the expo floor at Blogher I had some really thoughtful, productive conversations with brand representatives from P & G, Pepsico, Nintendo, Johnson and Johnson, Nickelodeon, and 1800Flowers to name a few. Almost all of the representatives were new to me, and only a handful had first hand knowledge of my work on PBS and with Miss Lori’s CAMPUS. So I was going in COLD, as we say in sales. Yes, sales, because that is what I was doing, selling myself. (Wait, that didn’t come out right.) I was selling my BRAND. (That’s better.)

When I visit booths on the expo floor I am shopping for a connection and then I am selling my expertise. I’m not there to grab as much swag as I can, (says the girl with the 48lb suitcase.) No, I am there to do business. Network. Connect. How do I do this? Well there’s a long answer to that short question, which I am going to delve into in a series of posts here over the next few weeks. But for our purposes today I want to talk about one idea. That is to be “B.I.G.” on the expo floor. “What do you mean Miss Lori. I have to wear high heeled shoes?” No, (although I won’t lie to you being tall has it’s advantages in a crowd), you need a “B.I.G.” presence and approach. I will spell it out for you. [Read more…]