Miss Lori wants you to improve your health by boosting your spirit

I have written many posts about health and achieving the best of it through diet and exercise. But when striving to establish and maintain good health we can’t underestimate the effect what we do has on how we feel. [Read more…]

Miss Lori shares 7 ways for teens to get better sleep instead of more caffeine

My son started drinking Chai Tea Latte in the mornings. He is in high school now and needed an extra kick to get him going. (I authorized it because it is energy enhancement based on black tea. Plus it’s a drink mixed with milk and his growing bones can use all the calcium they can get.) All three of my kids start school at 8am now, which means that all three of my kids have to wake up an hour earlier than last year, 6am. Plus for my son, high school requires even more time and energy, not to mention high school basketball. There was just a study released talking about how sleep deprivation is leading to additional injuries for student athletes. Well, that stands to reason doesn’t it? If you are tired your response time slows, and what is sports without acute response time right? Duh!  There is so much that our kids are having to do in the course of a day it’s not surprising that they are in need of pick me ups. Why should they be any different than us right? [Read more…]

Miss Lori is sending her kids back to school again with Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice

Saturday was the first official day of Fall and today was the first Monday that all three of my kids went to school at the same time this 2012/2013 school year. How can that be when it’s September 24th?! Well, [Read more…]

Best laid plans; Miss Lori and her treadmill dilemma

Best laid plans. I try to have good plans. I put a lot of time and effort into preparing my life for changes, hopefully for the better. The last three years have been unexpected, undesirable, unpleasant, uneven… the only thing they haven’t been is uneventful. In a word it’s been hard. Almost all of my personal fears in life came true in the last three years. The good news, I’m still here. The bad news, well, there’s a long list, but I wake up every day and tackle it; some days with more gusto than another, but I get up. When you are in a state of transition plans are important. It’s true what they say about the benefit of working when you are faced with troubles, it helps to have something to focus on. So I do that. I make plans. I work. I try to forge ahead. [Read more…]

Miss Lori is cleaning up for better back to school breathing

Going back to school is a big transition for everyone in the household; higher stress, a more regimented schedule, increased hustle and bustle, which can all lead to disrupted sleep patterns. And disrupted sleep can lead to compromised immunity. Some would also say going back to school means going back to germs. Germs plus compromised immunity can be a sickly combination. Throw in seasonal allergies and I for one can be taken down for the count. I don’t have time for that! (I’m pretty sure it’s actually forbidden in the Mommy Bi-Laws.) That’s why I make time for cleaning certain things in my house to help improve the air we breathe. The goal? A grade A night’s sleep. [Read more…]