Miss Lori says Disney’s Wreck It Ralph movie won’t wreck your day


I had a date tonight, with my 9 year old daughter. She and I headed to our neighborhood movie theatre, the beautiful Showplace Icon Theatre complex, to see the brand new Disney film, Wreck It Ralph. Now I have never been a video game aficionado, nor am I a huge animation fan, but I love anything that makes my daughter smile, so I was all in. [Read more...]

Miss Lori shares 7 ways for teens to get better sleep instead of more caffeine

My son started drinking Chai Tea Latte in the mornings. He is in high school now and needed an extra kick to get him going. (I authorized it because it is energy enhancement based on black tea. Plus it’s a drink mixed with milk and his growing bones can use all the calcium they can get.) All three of my kids start school at 8am now, which means that all three of my kids have to wake up an hour earlier than last year, 6am. Plus for my son, high school requires even more time and energy, not to mention high school basketball. There was just a study released talking about how sleep deprivation is leading to additional injuries for student athletes. Well, that stands to reason doesn’t it? If you are tired your response time slows, and what is sports without acute response time right? Duh!  There is so much that our kids are having to do in the course of a day it’s not surprising that they are in need of pick me ups. Why should they be any different than us right? [Read more...]

Miss Lori will bring music to families once again this season

Here in Chicago one of the definitive signs that Winter is on its’ way is when our famed Buckingham Fountain goes dark. That happened this week. But never fear, the fountain may have gone dark but my 2012-2013 Winter WTTW PBS Kids Readers are Leaders Tour will be lights up this Thursday October 18th. [Read more...]

Mommy Miss Lori is going back to school a few computers short


How many computers does a family with three school age children and a Marketainer Mom need? Last year I had a 17 inch used imac, a 20 inch new Dell Inspirion One PC and my 13 inch very used Macbook. In order to complete homework my three kids had to take turns and darn near stand in line to use their preferred choice of computer, the touch screen Dell. Then over the holidays my very used Macbook died. [Read more...]

Miss Lori and Medieval Times want you to win a royal adventure

Childhood is so fleeting isn’t it? Yeah, that was a rhetorical question. My children are 14, 11 and 9. They are growing up so fast, inside and out. As they get older, with their varied interests, it can be easier to grab special time with them individually. But as a mother I still value family time with the lot of them, but preferably minus the sibling fireworks that are known to go off when the three of them are in a room together, or a car together, or on the street together, or…well you get the idea. It’s hard to find a place to enjoy just such hallowed time, but recently I found one in Schaumburg, at a castle no less. [Read more...]