My Millennial Son Wants To Change My Vote From Hillary To Bernie

My Sons First Election, His Vote His Choice via @MissLori @SkyNash15

As parents we have a long list of things we want to teach our children before they embark on the world under their own power. Chief among those goals is that we teach our children to think critically for themselves. My eldest son is turning 18 next month,which qualifies him to vote in his first Presidential Election primary here in Illinois in a few weeks. [Read more…]

Miss Lori offers Roland Martin some tweet suggestions after homophobic Superbowl gaffe

On Superbowl Sunday there was a lot of commentary filling the airwaves and the social media sphere. Not talking about the game, talking about the ads. They had everyone a quiver. Some more than others, and that was cause for concern and correction according to a tweet posted by Roland S. Martin. After watching an H&M ad featuring a barely dressed David Beckham, Martin tweeted: [Read more…]

Miss Lori wants you to be her teammate on World Aids Day

When I was 17 years old I moved to NYC to rehearse for my Summer job. I stayed in Spanish Harlem with a former castmate from Ain’t Misbehavin. Eventhough we were brought together by entertainment, what I most remember her for is what she introduced me to as a thoughtful human being. One night she took me to a hospital in the Bronx. She said she had to visit a friend. We went to a ward that felt anything but friendly. So few people in the halls, so few visitor at all. We went to her friends’ room. He was all alone, like so may others on the ward. He was hooked up to IVs and was receiving oxygen. He wasn’t fully conscious, but Josie assured me he knew we were there, and that mattered. She held one of his hands and instructed me to hold the other. We just stood there holding his hands talking to him. A small tear rolled out of his eye and I could see she was right. He wasn’t just aware, he was grateful. Josie never gave me the name for her firend’s illness that night. It wasn’t until much later, after he passed away, that I learned he had had AIDS. The image of that cold, lonely ward never left me, juxtaposed against the image of how grateful Josie’s friend was to experience human contact and compassion.

Someone who is HIV positive or has AIDS shouldn’t be run away from, instead we should be running towards them, just as we do with cancer patients and the like. [Read more…]