Miss Lori shares Nutritionist David Grotto’s sample menu plan to slim down and rest up

This week I am getting specific. Well not me exactly, my fabulous nutritionist is doing all of the heavy thought lifting, I’m just the conduit. But we make a great team don’t you think? Anyway, this week we are giving you a sample menu. [Read more…]

Miss Lori’s appetite is disappearing and so is she

I have been working with nutritionist David Grotto for three weeks now. I have been logging all of my foods, moving my proteins to the morning, and my carbs to the evening, increasing my fiber, decreasing my sodium. No real heavy lifting. Although eventually I would like to. Heavy weights for exercise that is. But I digress. [Read more…]

Nutritionist David Grotto knew Miss Lori had a sleepless week from her numbers

I have completed week number two of my work with nutritionist David Grotto. My assignment last week was to bring up my fiber and potassium numbers. I did that, a little. I still have work to do though, especially in the area of potassium. [Read more…]

Nutrionist David Grotto is helping Miss Lori change her eating to help her sleeping

I realized over a year ago that my lack of sleep was my biggest obstacle towards making any positive adjustments with my weight. So I worked hard to change the way I approached my day, particularly the end of my day, and get more sleep. [Read more…]

Miss Lori uses a camera lens to combat the effects of bullying

All I ever wanted growing up was to feel beautiful, but I didn’t. My parents told me I was beautiful, but that wasn’t enough. I needed outside confirmation. It took a long time before I found it within. [Read more…]