Walmart Best Plans Family Mobile: A Budget Friendly Option That Works

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Miss Lori Is Going Mobile With Walmart #Shop #MLTVtips


With Mother’s Day on the horizon gifts are on my mind, and hopefully on the minds if my kids, (if they know what’s good for them.) But sometimes to get the best gift you have to give it to yourself. That’s why I have been researching the cheapest wireless plans for the last several weeks. However, the more I’ve learned the more frustrated I’ve become. I feel like a slave to my wireless plans, tethered to it not by choice, but by necessity. Yes, my world is fueled by social media, but our collective world is increasingly dependent on cell phones, and wireless accessibility. That’s why when Collective Bias invited me to participate in a Walmart #FamilyMobile shop I jumped at the chance to try the unlimited talk text and data/web service and hopefully find the best Mother’s Day gift for, well, ME! Ok, me and my family. [Read more...]

7 Things Parents Should Know About Heroin

7 Things Parents Should Know About Heroin #MLTVtips

I served as a foreperson on a jury for the first time on April 1st. Yes, April Fool’s day. Believe me the irony is not lost on me. It was a heroin drug case. A delivery charge specifically. We found the defendant not guilty because the state just didn’t prove its’ case. However, the scenario was very plausible because heroin dealing and delivery is huge in Illinois. [Read more...]

22 Scandal Quotes From Season 3 Episode 14- Oh My Heart!

 Bad things happen to good people all the time #ScandalQuotes #MLTV


It was not a good week for principal characters on television. Scandal got back in the saddle 2 weeks ago and this past week the writers set the saddle on FIRE! As in “ready, aim, fire.” [Read more...]

Miss Lori’s South Walton #MLTVvacay Travel Giveaway

Paddling in Spring in #SouthWalton #MLTVvacay

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The calendar says that it’s Spring, but as I look out my window I am thinking Mother Nature didn’t get the memo. OR maybe she is on strike. OR maybe she is frozen somewhere in a snow bank and can’t get free. Wherever she is I miss her, desperately, as I know so many of you living in this prolonged Winter do as well. [Read more...]

30 Scandal Quotes From Season 3 Episode 13 – Yeah Baby!

 You're on your own #ScandalQuotes #MLTV

Shonda Rhimes, I should never have doubted you. I apologize. I should have understood that you too were getting back to routine, not just your audience. A fire takes a moment or two to build up heat. That’s all you needed, a moment or two. Or, to be more specific, an episode or two of Scandal. [Read more...]