Miss Lori says she doesn’t want to be a used car Mama anymore

Goodbyes can be hard, even for Miss Lori. [Read more…]

Miss Lori has an eleventh set of thanks and wishes for her birthday she hopes will keep driving forward

I am counting down my blessings for the last fourteen days of being 40 and counting up my wishes for my year as 41. This coupling is about being true to who you are as a professional, not standing in the way of your own creativity, and being very clear about not just what you want in life, but what you need. [Read more…]

Miss Lori made magic at home instead of at Disney Social Media Moms Conference

Earlier this year I along with many other fellow bloggers were given a special invitation to vie for a spot to attend The Disney Social Media Moms conference. When the enrollment site opened there was mass frenzy in the social media universe; pages weren’t clicking through, and payments weren’t being processed for some but they were for others. There was a mixture of joy and frustration, elation and disappointment. I had intended to sign up, just as I had last year, but information didn’t reach me and so I was late to the “party”. By the time I was able to get home to my computer enrollment was closed. [Read more…]

Miss Lori says even in a Recession Disney World is still magical

Disney kids This is an original CHICAGOMOMSBLOG post from February 2010. I’m re-posting today in honor of all of my friends heading to #Disneysmmoms this week; It will be magical, I know it!  And to all of my friends who aren’t going to Disney; there’s always next year!

Ever since my daughter’s illness last year my family’s financial situation has been on life support. Paycheck to paycheck, there simply isn’t enough for living. We are scraping all sides of the barrel and underneath. (Not unlike a lot of families out there.) Trying to maintain some sense of normalcy for your kids in the midst of a financial nightmare is no small task. My kids are aware of the reality of our lives, but they are kids, so I don’t want to rob them of all the fantastical magic of childhood. That’s why when Disney came a knockin’ I answered the door. [Read more…]

Miss Lori and her kids say the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid is a good fit

When we go to a store to buy something we want to try it on for size first. We’ll put on a pair of shoes and walk around the display a bit. We’ll try on a shirt and preen in front of a mirror. All to determine if the item we’re interested in is the right fit for us. But when we go to a dealership to buy a car is driving a car around the lot enough to know if that car fits us, and our life? The answer is no, not really. [Read more…]