Miss Lori lists five alternatives to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for your donations

On Tuesday January 31st a tweet passed through my Twitter stream. That single tweet led me to an article that, no kidding, rocked me to my core. Marie Diamond posted an article on ThinkProgress.org entitled:

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Miss Lori wishes Washington would emulate the teamwork of our American troops

Last night during the state of the union address by the President I was particularly moved by his talk about the unified mission of our troops regardless of their race, creed, political affiliation or sexual origin. How, in order to carry out their missions, they know that they have to trust one another and have each other’s backs at all times. That makes sense to me, I only wish our government worked that way. [Read more…]

Miss Lori shares Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s dream with President Barack Obama

President Barrack Obama is the embodiment of Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have  a Dream” speech in Washington DC, August 28, 1963. On October 16th, 2011 President Barrack Obama made a speech of his own at the dedication of the newly installed Martin Luther King Jr Memorial in DC. My children and I were there for this historic event. [Read more…]

Miss Lori says bottom line …VOTE!

I voted for President Barack Obama 2 years ago because I believe in change and have hope for the future. But as a self employed entrepreneur I know all too well that change takes time, and there are bound to be missteps along the way. You have to have patience, and stay focused to persevere. [Read more…]