Miss Lori teaches Twitter party participation in 6 easy steps

Have you ever been invited to a party, but just didn’t know how to fit in? That’s the case for a lot of people when they see invites to Twitter parties, like the ones I have been posting for the last week. I’m hosting a Twitter party for Whirlpool and we are giving away a brand new refrigerator! Now I don’t know many people in my sphere who wouldn’t love to win a brand new fridge, but a twitter party seems so unattainable to them. [Read more…]

Miss Lori offers Roland Martin some tweet suggestions after homophobic Superbowl gaffe

On Superbowl Sunday there was a lot of commentary filling the airwaves and the social media sphere. Not talking about the game, talking about the ads. They had everyone a quiver. Some more than others, and that was cause for concern and correction according to a tweet posted by Roland S. Martin. After watching an H&M ad featuring a barely dressed David Beckham, Martin tweeted: [Read more…]

Miss Lori gets a bounce for her #SearsKmartHoliday photo tweet at #LATISM11

Last week I conducted a media training workshop for social media influencers at BlogWorld Expo Los Angeles. It was an interactive experience. (As most things that I do are.) I brought along mirrors for the attendees to look at themselves in. I told them we needed to get uncomfortable to get comfortable. [Read more…]

Miss Lori is headed back to class with Oprah’s Lifeclass

I’m headed to class Wednesday. Oprah’s Lifeclass that is. I will be live tweeting from Harpo studios during the 7pm CST broadcast, as well as the web chat immediately therefafter. [Read more…]

Miss Lori thinks the Cricket Wireless Blackberry Curve has got speed!

The three things I like most about the Cricket Wireless Blackberry Curve can be filed under one category, SPEED! [Read more…]