Miss Lori says the new James Bond movie Skyfall rises to the occassion

Last night I had the great fortune to see a preview of the brand new James Bond movie Skyfall courtesy of Klout and Cadillac. The theatre was packed. I actually had to sit in the last front row seat in the AMC River East theatre. The screen loomed so large I  slouched down and leaned back in my seat so as not to be overtaken by the enormity of the picture. [Read more…]

Miss Lori lists her ten favorite coming of age family movies

I don’t know about you but finding movies that work with me as a parent instead of against me became an even bigger chore when my children passed the age of 7. It’s like the available entertainment went from primary to high school in the blink of an eye. Now on my third child entering the no man’s land that is known as “tweenagedom”, (as in “in between” World’s), I have amassed a library that I consider a parenting partner instead of an enemy of state. Below is a list of  my top 10 favorite live action movies that fall under my parenting partner category of “brownies with wheat germ”. They are entertaining, but they are also fortified with good life lessons that will nourish your child’s soul. (In my humble opinion.)

[Read more…]

The movie Argo takes Miss Lori on a roller coaster ride of espionage


I have one word for the new Ben Affleck movie Argo, OSCAR! [Read more…]

Getting media savvy with Miss Lori at Pitch Refinery and beyond



Yesterday I had the great pleasure of teaching my ACTION Media Training worksop at the inaugural Pitch Refinery Conference. I started with a presentation about my ACTION plan for video, Appearance, Clarity, Timing, Eye “I” Contact, Circling “O” Back and Nailing it Shut.  [Read more…]

Miss Lori has five tips for packing your blog well for Blogher

There are so many blogs posted about packing your suitcase, packing your purse, packing your carryon for Blogher, but one of the most important things for you to pack is your blog. You need to bring your blog with you to Blogher, and you need to make sure that it is packed up tight, ready for all that you may encounter at the conference.  Blogher is not about quantity, how many pairs of shoes, how many different outfits you have to change into, it’s about quality. The quality of your brand IRL and online. [Read more…]