Miss Lori doesn’t have the stomach for the Hunger Games movie

I went to see the movie Hunger Games with my 11 year old last night. She had already seen it with her classmates last week, but she enjoyed it so much that she wanted to see it again, and she wanted too share it with me. (Proud Mommy moment!) [Read more…]

Miss Lori offers Roland Martin some tweet suggestions after homophobic Superbowl gaffe

On Superbowl Sunday there was a lot of commentary filling the airwaves and the social media sphere. Not talking about the game, talking about the ads. They had everyone a quiver. Some more than others, and that was cause for concern and correction according to a tweet posted by Roland S. Martin. After watching an H&M ad featuring a barely dressed David Beckham, Martin tweeted: [Read more…]

Miss Lori isn’t giving youtube Klout to hate

If you are on social media or listening to any news program, in the Chicagoland area in particular, you have probably heard about the viral youtube video of a 17 year old boy being savagely beaten and robbed by a gang of teens in the Bridgeport area. It got millions of views before youtube pulled it down…TWICE. I was not one of those millions of views. (However, I do applaud the people who watched and immediately reported the video to the police.) [Read more…]