Miss Lori takes a relaxing trip to The Peninsula Spa

I got a message from a friend on my facebook page this morning encouraging me to take some time for myself today and to breathe. Well, normally those words are completely foreign to me, but today they were totally speaking my language!  The language of The Peninsula Spa that is. Because that is exactly where I was this morning, between Rush and the famed Miracle Mile of Michigan Avenue right on Superior. And superior it was in every way. [Read more…]

Miss Lori is 41 days away from her 42nd birthday and she is NintendoEnthused

I am in the third quarter of birthday season here at my house. Both of my daughters have already celebrated theirs. Still to come this month are my son, my mother and my niece. So seeing packages outside my door is a pretty common occurrence these days. But today was special. Not only was the box the biggest to cross my threshold in a while, but it was addressed to ME! [Read more…]