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The key to a successful television career is audience connectivity. And Miss Lori is a master at connecting through the camera, making her performance irresistible. In her first season hosting the PBS Kids Preschool Block it was reported at the PBS yearly meeting that ratings saw an average increase of 33% across the board in the morning when Miss Lori’s Interstitials aired. Miss Lori stood at the helm of the PBS Kids Preschool Block for three years until August 2009. Though she has been off air for the National feed Miss Lori’s own company has produced interstitials promoting healthy choices for children and their families which have aired on the Chicago PBS affiliate WTTW. Miss Lori is a quick thinking interviewer, a master at promotion, and not at all afraid to show her silly side. She is skilled at working within a set time frame and making real time, impromptu adjustments look seamless. Miss Lori is the television guest you want on screen when something goes wrong because she has proven that she can handle anything. Below you will find examples of her work. If you are interested in booking Miss Lori for your program please contact us at

(Subjects Miss Lori would be speak authoritatively on: Sports Parents Issues, Raising a Basketball Player, Raising a Black Male, Child Empowerment, Bullying, Survival of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Artistic Engagement of Children, Gifted Children, Adoption, Growing Up Bi-Racial, Parenting After Adultery, Emotional Abuse, Public Speaking, Social Media, Building Your Personal Brand, Media Training, Vlogging, Chicago) 


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